GIFT2 is currently unable to accept persons for donation of tissues except in certain circumstances, and this is on an individual basis. We would like to thank all our supporters and donors who have made such valuable contributions to disease research and the development of improved treatment options. Without such generosity we would not be able to achieve what we do.
It is hoped that in the future we will be able to accept more donors.

Welcome to the Leeds Research Tissue Procurement Service Home Page

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The Leeds GIFT 2 Research Tissue Project is a service which collects human tissues donated as a resource for Doctors and Scientists to increase their knowledge and treatment of disease.

The Service is a not-for-profit organisation, set up and run by Doctors and Nurses working within Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Leeds.

Our functions are guided by the Trust and University research committee and an advisory board.

For more information, please view the Information Sheet or navigate the site using the links above to learn more about the Leeds GIFT 2 Research Tissue Project.

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